“What Tailored and Tied to Succeed offers is very important and needed in so many communities because it is not being addressed.  I have been fortunate enough to participate in things like brooks brother’s dress classes, etiquette and interview classes and things that I realize so many others haven’t had the opportunity to do.  I feel that if these things are not a part of our education system or are not passed down from parents young men will miss it.  It’s incredible that Tailored and Tied to Succeed exists!!” 

Gabriel, Student 

University of Louisville

“Tailored & Tied to Succeed serves as a bridge of hope for men in the community by providing measurable and proven services for men of all walks of life.  While the job market is continuously changing; Tailored & Tied offers the reliable and consistent principles for success by addressing the whole man: spirit, soul and body; positioning them not only in key job opportunities but also preparing them for long lasting careers”.


Cornelius Butler, Executive Director

Fuller Center for Housing

Tailored and Tied to Succeed is structured to provide the perfect balance between self-assuredness and spiritual renewal.  Its organizational programs awaken the true essence of what men should stand for in every society.  This organization helps men refocus on being mature, honest, faithful, direct and self-confident with a positive attitude.  Such qualities accompanied by a sense of spiritual awareness are the true trademark of a man’s sole purpose and being”.  

George Addison, CEO

Beenetwork Media Group