Cohort Topic: Spiritual Component

This class is designed to affirm a victorious life; mind, body & soul. The session will focus on understanding and learning how spiritual development can positively transform lives and how it has a daily residual effect. This component will be delivered by a lead volunteer of Tailored and Tied to Succeed, Inc. and a certificate of completion is rendered for this class.

Class Topics:

Faith: Clients, of any faith background, will learn and understand how to connect to their faith source and engage. They will understand the significance it will has in their lives and will be taught how that connection can have a powerful impact bringing structure and continuity.

Foundation: Clients will learn and understand taking the time to build a foundation of their faith based upon their specific religious background. Clients will be empowered to embrace daily practice activities that will build their spiritual strength toward a strong spiritual foundation in which the goal will be to experience transformation and purpose for their lives. Clients will also be connected to resources of their specific faith should they choose.

Assignment: Clients will be enlightened on how their assignment is their daily work and how that work can be fulfilled positively which builds consistency, character and integrity.

Prosperity: Clients will learn and understand the true meaning of being prosperous as not just the ability to generate income and manage finances, both personally and professionally, but how to execute their endeavors with sound thought, strategy and values that not only bring peace of mind and heart but also a better quality of life.

Program Outcomes: At the completion of the Spiritual Component, the participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish between spirituality and religiosity
  • Use the 4-key learning techniques they learned as a tool on their spiritual journey
  • Apply decision-making skills and evaluate choices in terms of its consequences
  • Discern when to defer to their faith source in times of need