Cohort Topic: Physical Component

This class is designed to “Boost” one’s mental, emotional, physical, fitness, & nutrition well-being! This component will be delivered by a lead volunteer of Tailored and Tied to Succeed, Inc. and a certificate of completion is rendered for this class.

Class Topics:

Fitness: Clients will learn the benefits of being physically fit and how this can be impactful on their health by way of protection and prevention. Clients will also learn how being physically fit combats health conditions and diseases, controls weight, improves joint health, boosts energy, improves mood, self-esteem and overall health.

Diet: Clients will learn and understand the meaning of “you are what you eat”. They will be taught how a proper diet can help prevent or improve certain health conditions and have an important role in life longevity. Clients will learn the art of nutrition leading them to a lifestyle of healthy eating habits.

Appearance: Clients will learn and understand the meaning of proper appearance and hygiene specifically in a professional environment. They will be taught the importance of the following: dental hygiene, appropriate attire for interviews, sanitized hair and nails, covering tattoos, etc.

Suiting/work attire will be provided by Tailored and Tied to Succeed, Inc.

Program Outcomes: At the completion of the Physical Component, the participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish between personal and professional attire
  • Use the five food groups that are the building blocks for a healthy diet
  • Apply skills learned to monitor their vitals and statistics (Blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, prostate, and heart rate)
  • Integrate a fitness regimen into their lifestyle