Dr. Malyssa Collins, PhD, Co-Founder, Tailored and Tied to Succeed, Inc. ® serves as Executive Director. Having a Bachelor in Computer Science, a Masters in Business Administration and a Doctorate in Business Administration, Malyssa has a professional history in the fields of information technology, cosmetology, consulting, coaching, workforce development and education. Currently, she is completing her Doctorate in Business.

Malyssa’s passion and life’s work, in line with Tailored and Tied to Succeeds mission and her deep Christian faith, is to empower and educate men facing a multitude of barriers. That man is the fatherless, the friendless, the homeless and the hopeless which in her eyes leaves them lifeless. Along with her partners, the commitment is to resuscitate the lives of each man, one at a time, by assessing, addressing and fulfilling their needs helping them overcome those barriers of insufficient skills and education. Tailored and Tied Succeed will provide work readiness programming and soft skills training so each man can successfully transition into the workforce or take a path to entrepreneurship building a thriving career that gives the confidence and security necessary to take care of their families.

Before her endeavor with Tailored and Tied to Succeed, Malyssa worked as an executive in the information Technology arena, owned and operated three cosmetology salons. Currently, she is partnered with a non-profit organization leading the way in educational development for high schools students across Kentucky where she is an employer coach, mentor and teacher. Her overall aspiration is to positively impact and bring forth change for those who are underserved, underprivileged and made to feel as though their lives don’t matter, because in her words “everybody is God’s somebody”.