Cohort Topic: Family Component

This class is designed to provide enrichment tools that aid in building a cohesive family structure! It is intended to focus on learning and implementing healthy family relationship habits. This component will be delivered by a lead volunteer of Tailored and Tied to Succeed, Inc. and a certificate of completion is rendered for this class.

Class Topics:

Healthy Relationships: Clients will learn the fundamentals and essentials of building healthy relationships with family, friends and peers by understanding how to implement the following: healthy conflict resolution, trust, emotional connection, listening, boundaries and respect.

Quality Time: Clients will learn how to plug in and stay connected to their families and create a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives. They will learn quantity and quality time is important, how to choose the best activities and how to execute those activities in a creative and enjoyable way.

Encouraging Activities: Clients will learn to implement activities that promote a healthy family lifestyle such as eating meals together, sports, exercise, family park day, movies (at home or at the theatre) and how these encouraging activities help build strong families.

Program Outcomes: At the completion of the Family Component, the participants will be able to:

  • Apply the skills learned to engage and conduct activities that increase family bonds
  • Use tools to improve family relationships, parenting skills and life skills
  • Obtain understanding on how to budget and maximize their time to build a cohesive family structure
  • Design healthy daily routines for their children, family or friends